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Mining Information

A. 42,719 lbs.

Q. The amount of minerals and energy fuels needed per person to maintain their standard of living in the U.S. This means that, on average, each person needs 3.3 million lbs. over their entire life!


A. 250 million lbs.

Q. The approximate amount of minerals and metals required to build the average American home.


A. 85,000 tons

Q. The amount of aggregates required per mile to maintain and repair American interstate highways each year.


A. 89%

Q. Amount of electricity in the U.S. requiring the use of mined fuels. (49% coal; 21% natural gas; 19% nuclear power; 6% hydro; 5% petroleum, wood, wind, solar, other gasses, geothermal, and other sources)


A. 1.1 billion

Q. Number of cell phones sold worldwide in 2007 (each requires $1 of gold and 42 other minerals and metals).



Everyday Items that Require Mining:


toothpaste hair dryers
curling irons vehicles (50 lbs. of copper on average)
computers blackboards
cell phones phones
televisions (33 minerals) household appliances (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc.)
CD's, DVD's video games
electrical wiring telephone wiring
animal feed fertilizer
clocks light fixtures
lamps heating & air conditioning tubing
roofing bridges
skyscrapers cargo ships
railroad systems plastics
tar synthetic fibers
medicines air conditioners


* Door knobs made with copper & copper alloy protect disease transfer because copper is biostatic.


* Gold-coated lasers are used  for patients with once inoperable heart conditions and tumors.


* Gold-coated thermometers are used to detect accurate body temperatures of babies and unconscious patients


* Lightweight lasers with gold-plated mirrors enable medics to seal battle wounds in the field to reduce blood loss and improve survival chances for the seriously wounded and, when used in hospitals, allow lasers to be brought to critically injured emergency patients without moving them, saving precious moments-and lives.


* Airbags have gold-coated contacts and electronic sensors for dependability.


* Gold is used with nickel to bond compressor vanes in the huge turbines of commercial jetliners, enabling them to withstand exhaust temperatures of more than 1150 degrees Fahrenheit.


* A thin transparent film of gold helps keep the pilot's windshield clear to withstand subfreezing temperatures, which would dramatically reduce cockpit visibility.


* 28 million automobiles and light trucks built over the past four years in North America have factory-installed, life-saving anti-lock braking systems. Of all the materials available in the world, only gold contacts can help achieve the minimum 10-year or 150,000 mile design standard for these safety systems, because of gold's unique resistance to extreme weather conditions.


* Gold does not corrode, crumble, or tarnish, and it is unaffected by moisture, oxygen or most acids, whatever the conditions. No other metal is as dependable as gold and it is virtually indestructible!



Sources: www.nma.org; www.mii.org

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