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Eclipse Lamps

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The Northern Light® Eclipse incorporates the latest
lighting technologies with the high-quality expected of
the Northern Light® Brand, but at a lower cost.
The Northern Light® Eclipse is small and thin with an
ergonomic design. A new charging system is being
designed to optimize the life of LiIon batteries. Like
the Eclipse the new charging system will be smaller taking
up less real-estate in lamp rooms. Eclipse
charging systems can be retrofitted to GII charging

Please note:
• Eclipse Cap Lamps cannot be charged in third-party chargers OR Northern Light® GII
• Northern Light® GII Chargers can be adapted to accommodate the Eclipse Cap Lamp.

• Delivery times are dependant on quantity. Please contact Customer Service for more

Charging Systems

NL Technologies offers a wide range of field proven battery charging systems in a 120 or 240V AC supply voltage.


Single-Unit Charger
5-Unit Charger

Rack Charger



  • Single-unit chargers

  • 5-unit chargers

  • Rack chargers are available in Narrow Frame (20-unit) or Wide Frame (40-unit) racks

  • Since the racking is modular sections can be purchased in stages as lamp requirements grow

  • The Narrow Frame charger can accommodate 5, 10, 15 or 20 units

  • The Wide Frame charger can accommodate 10, 20, 30, or 40 units

  • Three types of charger housings available S = Standard (8-10 Hour batteries), E = Extended (12 hour and PTO batteries), RE = Radio Cap Lamp (18 4/3A batteries).



Features and Benefits

  • Self-Contained chargers that function independently of one another

  • Modular design can grow with requirements

  • Replaceable circuit board makes servicing and future upgrades easy

  • More durable belt loop, terminal cover, and strain relief designs

  • Optimal lamp head spot quality and light output

  • Improved lamp head sealing to reduce water ingress

  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery cells which contain no lead or cadmium, so it is more environmentally friendly than other cells


Cap Lamp Models

Part Number




Cap Lamp 8-10 Hr Ni-MH



Cap Lamp 12 Hr Ni-MH



Cap Lamp 12 Hr Ni-MH with PTO (Power Take Off)

Features and Benefits

  • Light-weight, ergonomic, kidney-shaped battery pack design

  • Modular assembly with tamper proof design

  • Constant discharge voltage providing consistent bright light for the entire work shift

  • Low voltage flasher circuitry alarming user when there is approximately 30 min. of battery life

  • Soft start circuitry doubles the life of the bulb

  • MHSA-approved for use in methane environments

  • Nickle Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery cells which contain no lead or cadmium, so it is more environmentally-friendly than other cells.

  • More durable belt loop, terminal cover, and strain relief design

  • Improved lamp head sealing 

  • Improved servicing and replacement capability of the battery cell packs with easy to use connections

Battery Options
Part Number Description
GB62D00 Battery Pack - 8-10 Hour Ni-Cad
GB72D00 Battery Pack - 12 Hour Ni-Cad
Lamp Head Options

In redesigning the lamp head for the Northern Light GII, we took into consideration 17 years of past experience and have developed two lamp heads. The first uses a 6V-flanged bulb that provides a cost-effective spot and high light output. The second, uses a bulb glued into the reflector providing a tight, round spot required for coal mining. The gluing aspect however, makes this lamp head more expensive.

Lamp Cord Options
Our standard lamp cord assembly is 50" long and can also be purchased in a 60" length.

Radio Cap Lamps

Northern Light GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp

The GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp packages a complete Motorola radio inside a Northern Light Cap Lamp. This unique product provides the quality, durability and superior performance of two products in one.

Protect Assets & Cut Costs! 

  • 2 units in 1 product = 1 battery + 1 charger
  • Eliminate lost and damaged radios
  • Retrofit model allows using your existing radios

HT 750 Radio

Extra Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight, Ni-MH cells, ergonomic shape, designed to be used for up to a 12-hr work shift
  • Northern Light + Motorola = quality, durability, and product support
  • High beam power option for inspection applications
  • Compatible with existing charging systems
  • MDC 1200 signaling model compatible with Worker Safety Verification
  • Designed to be fully serviced by a trained Lampman
Using modern NiCad technology with your handheld Radio offers:

Complete Control

Integrating the radio module into the cap lamp will virtually eliminate lost or damaged radios




Eliminating radio batteries, chargers, and an item from the miners belt means less weight, less parts, and less cost.



System Requirements

The Radio Cap Lamp can be programmed to operate for direct line-of-site communications, without the use of additional hardware. In this case, channels should be programmed with the transmit frequencies identical to the receive frequencies.


Where it is necessary to communicate over greater distances, or through areas where signals cannot penetrate, it is necessary to use a repeater system such as Leaky Feeder, capable of operating at the frequency ranges below. In this case, the user must operate the radio within line-of-site, of the repeater antenna, or Leaky Feeder cable.  

General Radio Specifications
Frequency Range VHF: 136-174 MHz UHF: 400-470 MHz
Frequency Increments 5, 6.25 kHz
IF Bandwidth 9 kHz narrowband 20KHz medium / wideband
Number of Channels 16
Channel Spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25KHz 20 / 25KHz
Supply Voltage 6.0 - 9.0V
Current Consumption Transmitting (1W) 1.0A
Receive (rated Audio) 270mA
Standby 175mA
Weight 5.2 lbs.
Temperature Range -30C to +60C
Audio Speaker/ Microphone for voice communications included

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